Project Description

Members of SBRF are involved in conducting various kinds of research studies. This section contains abstracts of summaries of research that have been supplied by SBRF members. For those who would like more information on a particular study, contact information is given.

(NOTE: Abstracts/summaries should be 2-3 pages in length and have the name, address, (or email), telephone, etc. of the candidate submitting it.

SBRF 1 Bischoff Impact Of Mission Service On Adolescent Identity Abstract180 KiB0
SBRF 2 Goff Spiritual Formation Of Women Abstract175 KiB0
SBRF 3 Higgins Leadership Style And Teaching Orientatin Abstract163 KiB0
SBRF 4 McCord Leadership Style And Listening Practices Of IMB Team Leaders Abstract330 KiB0
SBRF 5 Steenburg Effective Practices For Training Parents36 KiB0

SBC Summary Statistics by State Convention

This section contains the SBC Summary Statistics by State Convention. Information comes from the Annual Church Profile and is provided courtesy of Lifeway Christian Resources, One LifeWay Plaza, Nashville, TN 37234.

2011 SBC Stats By State Convention72 KiB0
2012 State Convention And SBC Statistics95 KiB0
2013 State Convention And SBC Statistics16 KiB0
2014 State Convention And SBC Statistics14 KiB0