Project Description

Researcher of the Year Award

Each year SBRF recognizes outstanding research by Southern Baptist students through the Researcher of the Year Award. Information here gives the criteria for initial consideration for the award and the criteria for evaluating the various studies. In cases where no study meets the two sets of criteria, no award will be given.

Year Recipient School
1991 Jeff Pounders SBTS
1992 Stephen Parks SWBTS
1996 Bob Mathis NOBTS
1997 Allare Posey Univ SC
1998 Karen Jones SWBTS
2000 Bill Day NOBTS
2001 Terri Stovall NOBTS
2002 James Tew NOBTS
2003 Daniel Wayne Thompson SBTS
2004 Tomi Lee Grover SWBTS
2005 Debra Ann Bigler SWBTS
2007 Jared Maier Baylor University
2008 Mike Bizzell SWBTS
2010 Angie Bauman NOBTS
2011 George Siler IMB
2012 Leo Endel MWBTS
2013 Pei-Jan Albert Hung NOBTS
2014 (Ms) Ji Eun Yoo NOBTS