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Project Description




The name of the organization shall be The Southern Baptist Research Fellowship.


The purpose of this organization is to provide an informal forum for Southern Baptists with professional interests in and/or assignments for religious research.

The objectives of this Fellowship are:

  1. To contribute to the development of a more comprehensive understanding of the scientific study of religion, church and denomination;
  2. To stimulate the development of basic research skills through the sharing of research efforts and data bases;
  3. To further the understanding of the role of research skills through the sharing of research efforts and data bases;
  4. To promote maximum use and the practical application of religious research in the work of the conventions and their agencies, associations, and local churches, particularly in development and evaluation of programs;
  5. To provide a supporting fellowship for members and to give recognition for outstanding professional achievement.


Section 1. Members

The members of the Fellowship shall be, upon receipt of annual dues,

  1. Interested employees of any Southern Baptist church, association, state convention agency, or convention agency engaged in the work of religious research or statistics;
  2. Interested employees of any Southern Baptist church, association, state convention agency, or convention wide agency whose work includes the use of religious research or statistics; or
  3. Other interested Southern Baptists whose work relates to the execution or use of religious research or statistics.

Section 2. Charter Members

A charter member of the Fellowship is any person enrolled as a member before the end of June, 1979.


Section 1. Officers

The officers of the Fellowship shall be the president, the program vice-president, the membership vice-president, the newsletter editor/web coordinator, the secretary-treasurer, and the awards chairperson. The term for all offices shall be two years.

Section 2. Election

The officers shall be elected at an annual meeting of the Fellowship. In case of a vacancy between the annual meetings, the Administrative Committee shall appoint a person to fulfill the unexpired term.


The duties of the offices shall be as follows:

  1. President: The president will preside at all regular and called meetings, serve as chairperson of the Administrative Committee, serve as an ex officio member of all committees, and perform other duties required of the office.
  2. Program Vice-President: The program vice-president shall preside at the meetings of the Fellowship as requested by the president and shall serve as chairperson of the program committee. The program vice-president will automatically succeed the president.
  3. Membership Vice-President: The membership vice-president will serve as chairperson of the membership enlistment committee.
  4. Newsletter Editor/Web Coordinator: The Research News Bulletin editor will be responsible for editing and distributing a research news bulletin. As Web Coordinator, coordinate SBRF web presence on the Web including hosting, design, content, and technical issues; serve as chairperson of the web committee.
  5. Secretary-Treasurer: The secretary-treasurer shall keep all records and care for all fund of the Fellowship. An annual audit report shall be made to the Fellowship.
  6. Awards Chairperson: The awards chairperson shall serve as chairperson of the awards committee.


Section 1. Standing Committees

The standing committees of the Fellowship shall be as follows:

  1. Administrative Committee: The Administrative Committee shall be composed of all of the officers of the Fellowship. It shall act for the Fellowship between sessions.
  2. Program Committee: The Program Committee shall be composed of a chairperson and two members named by the Administrative Committee. It shall develop and publicize agendas for annual and special meetings of the Fellowship.
  3. Membership Committee: The Membership Committee shall be composed of a chairperson and two members named by the Administrative Committee. It shall actively recruit members for the Fellowship in keeping with the constitutional provisions.
  4. Awards Committee: The Awards Committee shall be composed of a chairperson and two members named by the Administrative Committee. It shall supervise an awards program in recognition of outstanding professional achievements of the members.
  5. Web Committee: The Web Committee shall be composed of a chairperson and two members named by the Administrative Committee. The Web Committee shall coordinate all aspects of SBRF presence on the Web.

Section 2. Ad Hoc Committees

Ad Hoc Committees may be appointed by the president on approval of the Administrative Committee and/or the Fellowship.


  1. Annual meeting: The Fellowship will hold an annual meeting at a place and time to be recommended by the Administrative Committee. The meeting sites should be reasonably accessible and economical. The time and place may be changed by the Administrative Committee, provided all members are notified at least thirty (30) days in advance.
  2. Budget for annual meeting: The Administrative Committee shall budget an amount of money for the annual meeting in time for the program Committee to take it in consideration in its planning.
  3. Special meetings: The Fellowship may vote any special meeting of the group, or the Administrative Committee may call special meetings, provided all members are notified in advance.


  1. An annual budget shall be prepared by the Administrative Committee.
  2. An annual audit of the secretary-treasurer’s report shall be prepared by an Audit Committee to be appointed by the president and approved by the Administrative Committee.
  3. Membership dues shall be determined by the fellowship, with annual review by the Administrative Committee.


The Constitution may be amended at annual meetings of the Fellowship, provided at least two-thirds of all members present approve the changes. By-laws may be added or amended by a simple majority of all members present at the meeting.

As amended 6/9/1990; 9/19/2003; area in gray adopted 9/18/2009

Mickey Crawford, Demographics & Statistics President
State Board of Missions of the Alabama Baptist State Convention
PO Box 11870
Montgomery AL 36111
Phone: (334) 613-2281
E-mail: mcrawford@alsbom.org

Currently Unfilled Program Vice-President

Angie Bauman, Associate Professor of Christian Education Membership Vice-President
New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
Atlanta GA Campus
Phone: (770) 321-1606 x5
E-mail: abauman@nobts.edu

Clay Price, Information Analyst, Decision Support Interim Secretary-Treasurer
Baptist General Convention of Texas
7557 Rambler Road Suite 1200
Dallas TX 75231-2388
Phone: (214) 395-7080 (cell)
E-mail: clay.price@texasbaptists.org

Lloyd Rodgers Awards Chairperson
International Mission Board
PO Box 6767
Richmond, VA 23230-0767
Phone: (804) 263-4221 (cell)
E-mail: lrodgers@imb.org

Richie Stanley, Center for Missional Research Newsletter Editor/Web Coordinator
North American Mission Board
12989 S 184th Ave
Goodyear, AZ 85338
Phone: (770) 401-4572
E-mail: rstanley@namb.net

Full Name E-mail Address Company
Carol Childress carol@carolchildress.com FrameWorks Consulting
Robert Cochran robert.cochran@dcbaptist.org DC Baptist Convention
Mickey Crawford mcrawford@alsbom.org Alabama Baptist Convention
Tom Crites tcrites@gabaptist.org Georgia Baptist Convention
Ray Phillip Dalton rdalton@cn.edu Carson-Newman College
Bill Day bday@nobts.edu New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
John W. Dowdy Jr. jdjd2@mchsi.com Retired–Missouri Baptist Convention
Josh Ellis joshellis@ubahouston.org Union Baptist Association
Ted Evans jtedevans@yahoo.com Retired–South Carolina Baptist Convention
Michelle Freudenthal michelle.freudenthal@lifeway.com LifeWay Christian Resources
Jim Haney jhaney@imb.org IMB
Keith Gordon kgordon@mbcb.org Mississippi Baptist Convention
Paula Hancock paula.hancock@lifeway.com Lifeway Christian Resources
Norma Hedin Southwestern Bapt. Theo. Seminary
Scott Holste sholste@imb.org International Mission Board, SBC
J.W. Hutchens jwhutchens@mindspring.com Retired–North American Mission Board, SBC
Mark Jeffcoat South Carolina Bapt. Conv.
Phil Jones phillipj@earthlink.net Retired–North American Mission Board, SBC
Lindsay Peck peck@kncsb.org Kansas/Nebraska Conv, Interim Dir of Missions
James Lowry jamarlow5062@aol.com Retired–LifeWay Christian Resources
Don Mabry donandevad@aol.com Retired–Louisiana Baptist Convention
Jeffrey Farmer jeff@lifetreechurch.org LifeTree Church
Jared Maier jared_maier@baylor.edu Baylor PhD graduate
Robert Mathis RMathis@swbts.edu Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Scott McConnell scott.mcconnell@lifeway.com LifeWay Christian Resources
Orrin Morris odmarg@yahoo.com Retired–Home Mission Board, SBC
Minh Ha Nguyen mnguyen@imb.org International Mission Board, SBC
Earl Nobles earl.nobles@lifeway.com LifeWay Christian Resources
Jay Noh jaynoh@ibsa.org Illinois Baptist State Association
Bryan Nowalk bnowak@gabaptist.org Georgia Baptist Convention
Carol Olsen olsenbosnia@aol.com SBTS graduate now living in Plano TX
Stephen Parks stephenparks1234@gmail.com Unity Baptist Association
Bobby Box bbox@imb.org International Mission Board, SBC
Scott Peterson speterson@imb.org International Mission Board, SBC
Jimmy Porter jporter@mbcb.org Mississippi Baptist Convention
Clay Price clay.price@texasbaptists.org Baptist General Convention of Texas
Gus Reyes gus.reyes@texasbaptists.org Baptist General Convention of Texas
Royce Rose Baptist General Convention of Texas
Daniel Sanchez Dsanchez@swbts.edu Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
A. Clark Scanlon clarkandsarahscanlon@gmail.com Retired–International Mission Board, SBC
Jimmie Sheffield jsheffield@absc.org Arkansas Baptist State Convention
James B. Slack jslack@imb.org International Mission Board, SBC
Ebbie Smith Smith_ebbie@yahoo.com Retired-Southwestern Bapt. Theo. Seminary
Jeanine Bozeman jbozeman@nobts.edu New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
Daryl Stagg lcbaadom@sbcglobal.net Lake County Baptist Association (IL) DOM
Richie Stanley rstanley@namb.net North American Mission Board, SBC
Ken Sterling drkgs@bellsouth.net New Zion Baptist Church
Ed Stetzer ed.stetzer@lifeway.com LifeWay Christian Resources
Terri Stovall tstovall@swbts.edu Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Cliff Tharp c_r_tharp@comcast.net Retired–LifeWay Christian Resources
J.V. Thomas jvtinc@gmail.com Retired–Baptist General Convention of Texas
Sam Vinall sam-joyce@cox.net Retired–Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma
Curt Watke cwatke@iicm.net Center for Intercultural Leadership
Rodney Webb rwebb@iicm.net Intercultural Institute for Contextual Ministry
J.C. Bradley Central Baptist Association
Michael Wilson mwilson@swbts.edu Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
William Yount yount@swbts.edu Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Ed Buchanan ebuchanan@sebts.edu Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
Michael Canady Louisiana Baptist Convention
Jerry Chamness jerry@caaministries.org CAA Ministries
Phil Charpie
  • SBC national agencies
  • State conventions
  • Associations
  • Supporter fellowship
  • Sharing of research efforts
  • Further development of research skills
  • Recognition of outstanding research by Southern Baptist students through the Researcher of the Year Award
    (For more information about our award, click here)

For membership inquiries, click here.

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